Kim was born and raised in Texas and inherited her love of photography from her father. As a young girl she would accompany her dad on trips to deer leases armed with cameras to "shoot" the deer in their natural habitat. After graduating with a communications degree, she spent a decade living in New York City where she worked in advertising. During this time she had the privilege of working with an incredible array of creatives and photographers who inspired her on a daily basis. Upon moving back to TX, Kim jumped at the opportunity to pursue her passion for photography full-time by working for the Texas House of Representatives as a documentary photographer for the 82nd legislative session while completing her photographic studies in Austin, TX.

Work from Kim's personal projects have been included in Creative Quarterly, CQ:33, The Journal of Art & Design, Issue and exhibited at Photo Center Northwest, 18th Annual Photo Exhibition, Seattle, WA,  and 1650 Gallery, Dogs, Dogs, Dogs Exhibition, Los Angeles, CA.